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If you are here it is because you have trusted that KONFÍO brings you the best solutions for your business.

At CÓMplices we increase the chances of success of your investment and we reduce your business risk due to dependence on few clients.

We specialize in empowering businesses by nurturing their brands, whether they're starting from scratch, wanting to optimize results for brands that have or need full organizational alignment to improve results with the same resources.

Konfío and CÓMplices make it easy for you to optimize your brand to sell more through the Fitness service.


What do we do:

  1. We objectively define where you are.
    We analyze the territory of the brand considering your competition, your consumers or clients and the context in which you are competing.


  2. We critically review your brand's marketing mix:

    • Product or service.

    • Price.

    • Distribution.

    • Communication.

    • Service.

  3. We optimize the positioning of your brand to achieve a value proposition superior to your competitors.

In short, more sales with the same investment.

Call us and get a free pre-diagnosis of sales growth potential.

These are some brands that have trusted us over three decades.

If you want to take advantage of the exclusive benefits of Konfío, contact us.

Just choose one of these options to get to know us:

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