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A meeting for entrepreneurs and company directors.

To think that we are facing a possible new normality invites us to await its arrival. 

It's not going to happen.

What we are facing is the birth of a new reality.

According to the analyzes of specialists such as Nielsen, De La Riva, GAUSSC and other research companies, people's habits are changing, their values are going to readjust, some categories may grow while others will be seriously reduced.

We will live in an unpredictable time of turbulence for a few months yet and once things settle down we will see the new reality.

As will be? We do not know. The famous physicist Niels Böhr said that it is difficult to predict, especially the future. The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves with innovation tools to capitalize on opportunities, optimization methods to maximize the profitability of brands, and comprehensive methodologies to align the pillars of the company in order to have the agility and clarity of reaction to improve.

We will see information from specialists and success stories achieved in the three lines covered by the event: Innovation, optimization and alignment.


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As a help to companies in the current contingency, this webinar is free.

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