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As a result you will be able to:

  • Understand if your management committee knows and shares the purpose of the company, as well as your strategy to face the new reality.

  • Understand if your collaborators trust the leadership of the managers, value the company enough and have the commitment to do everything on their part and get their jobs forward.

  • Know how much you have the loyalty of your customers.


This information will allow you to decide what to reinforce and what to align to strengthen the company and capitalize on all the energy of the team, and where to reduce if it is unavoidable, affecting the capabilities of your company as little as possible.


It also allows you to have a comparative overview with other companies in each of the dimensions included in the comprehensive diagnosis.


We will review specific cases in which weaknesses and opportunities were detected that allowed entrepreneurs to make decisions and concrete actions to improve their results.

The decisions we make to face the challenges generated by the pandemic will determine the capabilities of companies to get ahead.


We will all have to make adjustments when we get to a new normal, but not everyone will have to be the same.  Doing business as usual will not necessarily be ideal because we will have to retain the ability to react very quickly to adapt to new market conditions.


The key will be to optimize the operation and capitalize on all the energy of the organization, for which it is vital to have information that helps us make better decisions.


The webinar "Don't decide blindly" is aimed at finding the best solutions for entrepreneurs and directors by providing accurate, concrete and actionable information for decision making.


The webinar is based on the Brand Wellness methodology that allows knowing:  

  • The alignment and evaluation of managers on the company's strategy.

  • The strength of the organizational culture and its alignment with the objectives and strategy of the company.

  • The commitment of the entire team and their assessment of the company, its products and services as if they were customers.

  • The perception and level of loyalty of customers and consumers.

  • Aspects such as innovation, leadership and the mood of your people.


As a help to companies in the current contingency, this webinar is free.
Limited to 25 company directors and owners.

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