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Surely you do not lack ideas, but you need to define which is the most powerful and start it up. 

Conception, the profitable way to bring your ideas to life and capitalize on your investment. 

In this webinar we will go through the route of analysis and strategic definitions to determine if an idea:  

  • It has potential in the market

  • It is accepted by potential consumers

  • How to give it life from     

  1. Name

  2. The logo

  3. your packaging

  4. The brand personality that generates more powerful emotions in people.


We will review two success stories:Concentration, a brand of sweeteners that we developed and has not stopped growing since entering the market.OrthoHomeCare, the first insecticide with residual action in Mexico.

Wednesday, June 3, 10:00 a.m.


As a help to companies in the current contingency, this webinar is free.

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